Study thy self, discover the divine.

— Patanjali’s Yogasutra, II.44

Things You Need:

  • Your YOGI journal or blank sheets of paper
  • A few hours of alone time in a space that is free from distraction
  • The decision that you are ready to change your life

Below is a quick and easy three-step version you can do as an exercise. 

When ready, follow the below steps to dive into the process. 

Step 1:  Write down one high point and one low point in the past year.   High: _________.  Low: _________.   Now turn the high and low into a lesson learned.   Lesson(s) Learned: _________.

Step 2: Next, come up with 2-10 life cateoriges, ie: Health, Career, Relationships, Wealth, Love, Spirituality.  
Write them down and rank each one from 1-10, 1 being most important, 10 being least important. Also write down a few thoughts to follow the rankings. 

Step 3: Close your eyes, and image your life 1 year -or more- from now. What is one simple, achievable thing you want to do? 
Write it down.   I want to _________. 

Once you've completed steps 1-3, sit up tall and verbally state the want with as much conviction as you can muster, then stop and let the comment hang. Notice the mind stuff that follows, but refrain from going into it. Just let the statement exist.


Below you'll find a more robust process. Should you have questions, feel lost, or just need help...you can ask me for support or guidance.

Two important questions to ask yourself are, "Will life work out the way I want if I keep doing things the way I'm doing them now? If yes, what might my life look like one year from now?". 

If you are happy with where you're at, or where you'll be in a year, that's fantastic. Should you want to fully set the direction, use the details below to paint the picture. If you are not happy, I think you'll be blown away by what happens when you verbalize the direction you want your life to go in. 


  • We must become more aware AND NOT RUSH FORWARD

  • we must reflect on the consequences of how we've been

  • We must Press pause AND reset BEFORE WE VENTURE OUT AGAIN

Step 1: Your Highs AND Lows

Taking the time to reflect on your “Highs" and "Lows” from the year allows you to take an honest look at how things were for you. You'll be able to cement your biggest lessons and carry them with you into next year. 

The process would look like this: open your journal, write down the first things that come to mind, then write down anything else you can remember that stands out. 

To help with this, scroll through your past year, month by month. Use your calendar, Facebook, photos, etc. Notice the events. The memories. The experiences. Use them to create your list of “Highs” and “Lows”. 

Wrapping up step 1:

Once you’ve completed your list, and done a quick -or in depth- meditation to feel your highs and lows, review them to make a new list titled, “Lessons Learned.” Write down as many lessons as you need to and separate them into what you take with you into the new year, and what you will leave behind. 

What I’m taking with me into next year is: ____________________.
What I’m leaving behind in last year is: ____________________.

Taking the most important lessons with you, and letting go of baggage allows you to move into the next year with ease and confidence. No one likes to learn the same lesson twice. Reflecting on your year makes sure you integrate what you have learned as you move forward.


  • Failures are only failures when we don't learn from them


  • ALWAYS TRY TO take an honest look at how THINGS ARE right now


In this step, we take a closer look at the areas of our lives. This gives us a baseline to see where we are growing and where we are stagnant.

Some examples of the areas of our life: 

Friendships, Family, Finances, Career, Love, Health, Parenting, Spirituality, Intellectual, Sex, Philanthropy, Emotional Awareness, Social Life, Core Values, Ethics, Overall Alignment/Quality of Life.

Look at the list you created from the initial exercise. Add areas that you may have neglected to add initially and re-rate your list. Be sue to add any additional thoughts you may have. 

Set a timer for 5 minutes and focus on the first category. Don't worry about writing perfect sentences. Allow yourself to be uninhibited and simply write. Once the timer goes off, reset it and move on to the next category. Continue this process until you have touched on each life area. . 


  • Say WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, even if it seems impossible

  • IT can be as Big and Bold, or as simple as you like

  • believe you can actually set the course

STEP 3: creating your direction and vision

Let your gut and intuition guide you. It will be better for you to get lost in a comfortable flow than to carefully step through the questions below. Consider this your permission slip to get creative. What is most important here is that you feel empowered to make this your own.


We are going to create an inspiring and compelling vision for the next twelve months of your life. Start by closing your eyes, sitting back and just envisioning your life one year out. A life with no constraints. A life where you don't sabotage your dreams.

If you find that thinking this in the course of 12 months is too overwhelming, go three years out or more. This can take away a little of the pressure associated with wanting to quickly achieve your dreams.  


When you feel inspired and connected to a one to three year (or more) vision, get ready to zoom in.

Slowly say the below questions aloud. Repeat them and see how you feel when you say them. 

Who do I want to become?

How do I want to spend my time?

What will I have accomplished?

How will my life be different?

What will my financial/career/love/health life look like?

How will I be more free?

Who will be in my life?

How will people experience me?

After you've got said the questions aloud a few times, set a timer for 10 minutes and start writing. You can use the questions above, the ranked areas, and anything else that may present itself. Again, don’t worry about perfection. Don't focus on the "how" or even "if you can". Just write your dreams.

Write until the timer ends, and if you feel so inclined, reset it and keep writing and keep doing that until you don't want to do it anymore. 

Then take a deep breath, smile, and see the pure potential in everything you just wrote down.

Now that you have content, you can: organize, polish, frame, and codify it. You could vision board it, write poetry, or do anything you most personally relate to in order to truly solidify what you want to happen in your life. 

This document is a tiny, but mighty, tool  you can use it to make a more informed decision about what (and who) is in alignment with your life and what (and who) is not, which will support you in becoming the most powerful, confident, and expressed version of yourself.

Put it up, declare it, review it daily, and believe in it without question. 

It doeSn't all have to happen at once

Whats one thing you want in your life but seems a bit beyond your reach?  Fill it in... I want _________.

I know it can be incredibly challenging -and seemingly impossible- not to get completely caught up in a web of "whys and why nots", the "cans and the cant's", and the helpful or hurtful stories that come after stating a want. 

The belief in the desires stated can certainly grow with time, but for now there needs to be -at least- a sliver of hope. Although it's difficult believe in yourself and what you want. Say something out loud like, "I may not believe it fully right now, but it could be possible for me." 

I know from experience, that unless you show a little confidence and decisiveness, our subconscious will just write it off, and not prioritize it, until we fully commit.  Once you take a leap of faith and have the conviction to say, "YES...this IS what I want.", I promise, the dominos will fall and things will start to happen.