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Mindfulness Series - WOS Grounds (1).JPG


Step Outside For A Breath Of Fresh Air



Step Outside For A Breath Of Fresh Air

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"Cultivating Mindfulness"

A 5 PART Series To Slow down and Turn inwards

A Beginners Series to learn:
Yoga / meditation / tai Chi / Quigong / sound healing

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The stress and distraction of todays modern world can be overwhelming.  

An endless list of notifications, and calls for our attention can quickly become daunting and even take an undesirable toll on our health and ability to prioritize the things that are important to us

We all know the benefits of simply getting outdoors, but are we taking enough time to slow down and truly see the beauty and appreciate that time?

Applying mindfulness to your day-to-day life can bring great appreciation for what we have. Not to mention the general stress reduction, decreased depressive symptoms, enhanced ability to deal with illness and recovery, and an improved overall quality of life/health.



1 session per month: May to September, on the 2nd Thursdays from 5:45-6:45pm
at Wright Outdoor Solutions Garden Center. ( Join 1 or any of the 5 sessions )

Wright Outdoor Solutions is committed to helping you love your outdoor living space and welcomes you to use this summer to relax, revive, and renew your spirit.

We invite you to take this opportunity to experience the beautiful grounds and garden center in a whole new way! Make sure to stop out before class to get inspired by the gardens and take in all the beauty they have to offer. You can also chat with their gardening experts!



This inspiring series, led by some of central Iowa’s most beloved teachers, will help you create more time in your life with mindfulness. You will learn practices like Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Sound Healing. Be inspired by the years of experience these instructors bring, surrounded by a welcoming group of new and seasoned students.

Come to try out something new and learn from local leaders who absolutely love to share their passions. Each instructor will lead their series with a friendly and welcoming approach, tailoring instruction for each practice to beginners. Seasoned practitioners are encouraged to join. We will create a moment for you to share your experience with your practice and be sure to connect with you. 

All ages are welcome as everyone has something to gain from practicing mindfulness, including children, teens, young adults and adults. All participants will leave each event with some tangible take aways that you can bring home and practice on your own

A Donation Based Event
For A Great Cause

$25 Suggested Donation Per Session To Cover Event Costs with Proceeds Benefitting Sprout Urban Garden.
You may provide your support at the event or in advance by credit card at the button below.

Each session is open to the community, all of our beloved members, clients, their friends and family, and the public. 
Pre-Registration is appreciated but NOT required.  RSVP to the FB event HERE.

(Additional Information about OUR PARTNERS & the Cause at the end of this page.)






May 10th, 2018 - Drew Mailfeld, YOGA

Drew is a passionate but humble yogi and a creative instructor who enjoys teaching in the moment. His goal is to take a unique approach to each group class with unscripted movement rather than using repeated stock commentary or "off the shelf" sequences. Although there are critical moments of repetition to build consistency, each class is an entirely unique experience.

His current passion is to help each student build a sense of personal ownership and to take a critical look at developing their own experience. 

Learn more about Drew and his classes here

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June 14th, 2018 - Dennis Kelly, MEDITATION

Dennis picked up meditation as a sophomore at the University of South Dakota. It has been an essential part of his world thorough- out his lifetime.

In 2009 he started Yoga In The Park and in 2014 introduced Meditation Around Town to our Des Moines community.  

Dennis is a Reiki Master, and EFT (tapping) practitioner. He also enjoys yoga and meditation. He enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching individuals and groups to help bring balance to their busy lives.

Denny can be reached at dennywkelly@hotmail.com or 515-321-8987.



July 12th, 2018 - Jo Hunter, TAI CHI 

Jo fell in love with the flowing movements of Tai Chi (Taiji) thirty years ago. After studying several Tai Chi styles, she now focuses on the one that brings her the most joy and helps her live life more fully on their organic farm as she cares for her elder parents. She has shared her Tai Chi learning with others for twenty years in classes and retreat settings, and through her book Living Taiji: Stories of the Experience.  

After growing up in Iowa, she was involved in the field of education, working with all ages from pre-school to seniors, and in a variety of settings including universities, social service agencies, business, and religious communities.  

Live music by Billy Sammons and Taylor King will support our Tai Chi movement.

Jo can be reached at drjohunter@gmail.com or 218-370-0956.

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August 9th, 2018- Rita Henry, Qigong

Rita Henry is an intuitive counselor who has helped thousands of people live more joyful, authentic lives through courageously facing their points of pain and struggle. Her unique approach combines powerful energy work, qigong, meditation, and breath-work to help clients heal the mind, body and spirit. She provides essential, unwavering support no matter where clients are in their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Learn more about Rita and the services she offers here

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Sept 13th, 2018 - Amy Marie, Sound Healing 

Amy Marie is the owner of Shining Vibrations. In 2016, she pursued a sound healing training through the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School, where she learned to utilize Himalayan singing bowls for bodywork. Additionally, she became a certified Reiki practitioner. 

She is a Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Yoga Instructor, and Martial Arts Infused Yoga Teacher who believes you don't have to do things alone, and you can have the life of your dreams with a little hard work, dedication, and faith. 

Learn more about her services here.


The Cause


The Cause


Contributing Partners

This series will take place during the CSA share pick up for Grinnell Heritage Farm. They have graciously offered to share some extra produce with class participants so you can sample the wholesome, organic goodness of fresh food. Grinnell Heritage Farm's mission is to farm our land in a way that will leave it better for the next generation. Giving our children, grandchildren, and beyond the opportunity to harvest the bounty we see on the farm today. Learn more about their CSA here

Agri-Cultured they will be providing some light refreshments. Agri-Cultured is based out of Waukee, IA and hand crafts and ferments Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Natto-Hummus, Salsa, and many other vegetables that offer gut-healing properties. 


Sprout Urban Gardens

$25 Suggested Donation Per Session with some of the proceeds benefitting Sprout Urban Garden.

Sprout serves as an environmental educational tool, urban gardening resource, and healthy food access point for students kindergarten through higher education, and community members. It features an outdoor classroom for 30 adults or 50 children, theme-based raised beds, fruit trees, native Iowa plants, and multilingual signage. Sprout is significant for the neighborhoods surrounding Drake because 97% of students K-12 qualify for free or reduced lunches. Additionally, Sprout is located in a food desert, so fresh fruit and produce from Sprout are important for the students in this neighborhood. Any student who learns or volunteers in the garden is able to take fresh produce home.

The major strategic partner in the project is the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa. Once a week students from various clubs plant, grow, and learn in the garden. This fosters interaction between Drake students, the BGCCI, and the surrounding community by bringing different groups of students together in the garden. For example, Drake students usually volunteer to help teach the environmental curriculum to the BGCCI students, which not only increases environmental learning for all parties, but also fosters a sense of community.

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Pre-Registration is appreciated but NOT required.  RSVP TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT HERE.