Self Love

Self Love

I'll never forget how awful it feels to be told,
”Stop Loving Yourself…”


I'll talk about it with you at this Sundays "Monthly Dialogue".

Februarys topic is "Self Love". Kyanne and I will speak about how we've had to overcome some deep feelings of neglect and even self hatred in order to remember just how worth it we really are. We'll talk about what we do now to create regular healthy reminders and strong self care practices that keep us operating with a full cup. From that place we stand a better chance at loving ourselves and serving others from a better and more healthy place.

We'll acknowledge the hard things but we'll keep it positive and share our best tips and tricks for helping you keep a full cup. We'd love to give you a chance to reflect on and share what you LOVE about yourself and what beautiful things you have to offer.

Its my hope that you'll acknowledge or maybe even discover some hidden monsters that need your attention. I know you'll be ready to bless them with open arms, flower pedal baths, or even with just your loving presence to help transform your hurts into happiness.

We absolutely hope to see you in person, BUT, you can join us via Facebook Livestream from the dmYOGA FB Page as well. Please look for event details on the Facebook Event.

(The video from this talk will be posted here)

Have a something specific you'd like us to cover?  
Share it with me in a reply email.

And Just Like I started out by saying in the monthly news letter…

Maybe, you've heard me say it...

"Each & every moment is an invitation"

One that is begging you to see the
beauty that lies within it. Within you!

If you aren't madly in Love with life
& everything you see around you...

Lets Connect, sooner than later  💛

The link above is one of 3 incredible dmYOGA
"moments" that my friend Alex Feilmeier helped capture.

It helps portray an ounce of the beauty of that night.

With dmYOGA, I do everything I can to create ONCE
to help people wake up
to the immense beauty that is their own life.

Which can be super challenging to recognize in a
world that is constantly tugging you to be somewhere,
or someone other than where, or who, you currently are.

So, wherever you are, whatever your doing...
its perfect. Because, its where you are now.

AND YET, the truth isn't always glamorous.

How do you truly feel now? 
How've you been feeling?

How do you want to feel...

I'm saying all this for three reasons.

1. The time to decide how to feel next, is now.

2. I hope to see you feeling at your very best !
( Although I know it isn't always roses )

3. You have a choice - in how you react.

I'm so incredibly humbled and excited to be on this journey with you! Join me again soon to experience the very best of the 10 years of PURE LOVE that I've invested in putting together this special thing called dmYOGA...



To help support our mission, "to lead with love & make meaningful connections"
Please bring someone new to a group class or share an event with anyone you feel might enjoy it. Thank you so much for supporting dmYOGA and my work to help uplift myself and inspire each individual to their own highest potential.

Yoga at the Botanical Gardens with Ofelia Mohr. (+ Audio Interview)

Yoga at the Botanical Gardens with Ofelia Mohr. (+ Audio Interview)

The event is free for members of the Des Moines Botanical Gardens and dmYOGA.  
Non-Member fee is $20. Pre-registration is required for this event. RSVP HERE.

Striving for Mental & Emotional Balance.

Listen to our interview with Ofelia in the VIDEO ABOVE to learn:
- General class details.
- How she made it to Des Moines from Romania.
- What she teaches and where you can find her.
- How many people she joined in her first class just after it became "legal in Romania".
- How yoga has helped shape and give her a fulfilling life.
- Using yoga to pinpoint and reverse the suffering in your life.
- A few thoughts on using your breath to find a calm and peaceful mind.
- And finally, some unexpectedly kind words about dmYOGA.

Ofelia began her practice in Romania at the age of 19, and since moving to the United States in 2004 has spent the past 14 years teaching in the Midwest. She loves Des Moines, as well as the Des Moines Botanical Gardens, and feels that it is the perfect match for practice.

A Fun Tie to the Botanical Gardens From Ofelia: "It is said that there are 84 million different yoga poses, most of which represent various aspects of nature such as birds, animals and plants."

Although she  has been practicing for 30 years, Ofelia continues to take classes and learn. She credits yoga with helping her put her life in order and focuses on the energetics of postures. Wednesdays class at the Botanical Gardens will focus on asana poses that bring physical, mental and emotional balance.

You can also visit, or her newly launched YouTube channel.

The event is free for members of the Des Moines Botanical Gardens and dmYOGA.  
Non-Member fee is $20. Pre-registration is required for this event.


TEST: Meet Terron Dean : tdYOGI

TEST: Meet Terron Dean : tdYOGI

Terron Shares his thoughts on Drew and the dmYOGA group...  Hear what he has to say about whats its like to be in class, what type of people are there, and the one thing you'll never have to worry about being turned away for.