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Your Heart & Soul Is Welcome Here.




Your Heart & Soul Is Welcome Here.

Being an influencer these days can be challenging, but here you've found good company.

We’d love to welcome you to an extremely supportive group of people investing in their own personal growth and following their dreams.

Hi, I'm Drew Maifeld, the founder and Director of dmYOGA, a yoga collaborative. 

Working a regular yoga practice into your daily, or even weekly routine, is your chance to break through the hustle 'n' bustle of a fast paced and distracted life. We are here to help you clarify, cleanse, and de-stress your mind and body.

Do please come visit us sooner rather than later and experience the life changing benefits of a dedicated yoga practice by connecting with a conscious community of truly incredible people who will support and encourage your highest potential.

Most people get started on their "journey back to self" by coming to a weekly group class. We currently host regular hatha yoga classes on Monday nights and Saturday mornings.

Outside of classes you can work one-on-one with myself, one of our like-minded instructors, or a senior student. Whomever you feel would be the best fit to help you. And of course, you can always join us for any of our exceptional (special events).

The first step is simply reaching out, or just showing up... Class Details are below.

Always gratefully, dmYOGI


500 E. Locust Street

Our primary practice space is currently located at 500 E Locust in Des Moines Historic East Village. Just walk in the double doors to the left of Ricochet, and take the stairs (or elevator) to the 3rd floor.

Although it's extremely rare, please check our Facebook page for any updates regarding weather or special events that may affect the class location.



Drop In = Free TRIAL ($20 Value)

We'd love to see you whenever it works for you!  

Don't have a membership but want to check out a class? Need a quick stress reliever or dose of inspiration for your day?  You can jump in anytime. Your first class or two can even be on us. Once you’ve decided its a good fit, move to membership.


Monthly Membership - $50

We offer a monthly membership option, but you have to re-think the typical "cost per class" models. Here you pay for a chance to get started with a teacher and each class is a once in a lifetime experience. There are no recycled or off the shelf classes. You start a life long education, and become a part of a group that will support you and your highest potential.

Unlike most studios, our goal isn't to get you to come to as many classes as possible (the exact opposite actually). It doesn't work for everyone but here you should just plan to attend one or two classes a week with your primary yoga guide. This is your chance to check in and connect with your other peers and yoga pals.

Monthly members automatically get to attend all group classes, and free or discounted special events, with direct ongoing individual attention to help you meet the goals you come with and set new intentions for your best possible self. 

Financial support is always available to anyone based on need. The most important part is that you're committed to coming learning something new.

It's worth noting that class sizes are intentionally small, many regulars or senior students only drop in occasionally after their personal practice is established.  As you become more comfortable and familiar with a group class practice we work to help you develop a personal practice and self-led movement. Others go on to explore different styles and teachings. Some simply keep coming because they love the people and the classes.

Here community and connection isn't just a buzz word or a bit of lipstick but a deep part of what happens naturally from the work we do. A sense of a caring community and a strong relationship with both teachers and fellow students is cultivated.

Ultimately, we hope to help you graduate from a reliance on group classes and begin to co-create a new, and very personalized, yoga journey with friendly check in's from time to time.



The real magic of yoga: developing your personal practice through 1:1 guidance. If you are someone who has been to group classes for years and are wondering what else is possible, please reach out.

You will commit at least 3 months for a journey to experience your deeper self. We will help you tailor a personalized practice to transform your understanding of what yoga is all about.

Let us know when you are ready to take your practice out of the classroom.

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Can't Wait to Meet You


Can't Wait to Meet You


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