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Monthly Model.

A flexible monthly plan, which can be adjusted or cancelled at any time based on your predicted availability, keeps your group class cost around $10 per session.  Click the button below for additional details on the teacher rotation and sign up options. Besides joining a nurturing and conscious community, there are some really unique perks to being a regular or even occasionaly returning student. We'd like to share our thoughts with you in person once you've made it to a class.  If you are planning ahead and coming for your first time, please RSVP to join the class so we can give you some orientation and offer to answer any questions.  You can simply drop a note on Facebook or send an email to drew@d2mgroup.com.

"Seeing you guys is better than therapy! Thank you so much for sharing your your practice and your life with me

Michelle Havran Hilsabeck,  West Des Moines

+ Workshops & Special Events

Bridget Ryan

The Instructors

We Love Yoga.

We work with local venues to offer students a truly special place to practice.  If you love yoga and the idea of having group classes led by a rotation some of Des Moines' most sought after instructors -- you've found a great group of people to practice with and along side.  

Instructors, are 200 hour trained and each has experience leading a wide range of students. You will find a challenge and a sense of accomplishment no matter what your experience level may be. Drew leads classes each Monday night, organizes events, and hosts a rotation of teachers on Thursdays.

Current Schedule

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A routine rotation + 1 special guest instructor each month keeps your practice evolving.  

Good Vibes

Teri Lynn Reese

Phenomenal Yoga Events +

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MONDAY & THURSDAYS  //  6:30pm

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"What I love about you, is that you inspire me to be a better person, every time I see you

Ben Wells,  Des Moines

"I have to pay you a compliment Mr. -- I don't ever sleep through a full night but when I come to your yoga classes I somehow seem to make it through and I feel so refreshed!

Jeff Goodman,  Des Moines

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First time & returning member students -
$10 per class.

Returning drop ins are always welcome -
$20 per class.

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